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Some Key indicators for your company that we can help with:

Decrease in staff turnover

Improvement of the labour climate and people engagement

Increase your employees´ productivity

Appropriation of the desired culture by your employees


Texsa went from having Human Talent processes that provided basic operational support, to having a whole work team of people focused on promoting the development of the organization. This change has been led by ArteUmano with its professionalism, drive and closeness.
Jorge Atallah
General Manager
Texsa de Colombia
ArteUmano, more than a supplier, has been an strategic ally that fully understand the company's problems in order to provide tailored, creative solutions that generate a high added value for the organization.
Mauricio Gomez
General Manager - Biotecnik
What I value most about ArteUmano´s service is that it allows me to have the experience and the execution of the consultants adjusted to the needs of my company with exceptional personal service.
Alan Michaan
General Manager - Mathiesen
The sum of experience, theory, consulting, practice, plus their creative capacity and warmth will always give the best solution for everything.
Diego Zambrano
Development Coordinator
Equidad Seguros
We have found in ArteUmano an invaluable strategic ally for our firm and organization. The permanent advice of the Partners has allowed us to structure our organization in an optimal and professional way, implementing strategies that have been very effective and beneficial not only for our company but also for our employees.
Juan Diego Rodriguez
Partner - Brick Abogados
Thanks to their style of work and their experience, more than a supplier, ArteUmano is characterized by being a true strategic ally for the growth of the entire team at Indexcol.
Juan Pablo Ordoñez
Founder - Indexcol