The Change Your Mind…Create New Results program is designed to show participants how to:

  • Identify a change they want to make in their lives
  • Learn new models for change based on neuroscience
  • Discover what it means to “live in survival or creation”
  • Become acquainted with the “three brains” and their role in the change process
  • Incorporate each lesson to activate the neurological and biological process for change
  • Apply each of these principles to effect personal change
  • Practice 4 tools for change

The program will help you understand how the brain works and develop new neural pathways that will enable you to reconfigure your mind to become more resilient, creative, and collaborative.

The tools and techniques can translate into:

  • Faster decision-making ability
  • Improved focus and higher productivity
  • Reduced levels of stress and more resilience
  • Increased problem-solving and creative skills
  • Higher motivation and engagement
  • Enhanced team collaboration, cohesiveness, and agility
  • More effective communication and less conflict
  • Higher goal clarity

In ArteUmano we offer workshops that will provide you with tools to:

  • Define job descriptions
  • Identify and develop competencies
  • Improve Selection
  • Improve Performance Management and KPIs definition
  • Map your talent and identify high potentials
  • Develop Managerial skills
  • Improve Teamwork
  • Help employees manage time effectively
  • Develop skills for effective communication
  • Manage Organizational climate
  • Manage Organizational culture

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